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Morel Mushroom Jerky

Morel Mushroom Jerky

Morel Mushroom Jerky



Some jerky companies have a high end version of their products.  Pricey cuts of meat etc.  Well why in Sam Hell don't we not have something fancy?!  

We're teaming up with morel hunters across the country to bring you some of the most decadent, dare I say, fabulous jerky you've ever tried.  Whether you're a hardcore fan of vegan jerky, or you're just a morel mushroom head.  This has never been done as far as we can tell (according to google).  

We've kept the flavors simple.  The texture and earthy notes we all love about morels, are all present.  

We only make them when we can, and put them up for sale here at random times.  Just like morels found in nature, bags pop up on our store at random times.   Hurry before they disapeer.....Happy hunting!!

3oz. bag